Wednesday, March 04, 2009


He suffered not that we might not suffer but that in our suffering we would become like Him.

- Tim Keller, in lecture 8 "Applying to Christ: Getting Down to Earth Part One" in a series by Keller & Clowney on Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World


Rubèn said...

Hi Jonathan,

What a coincidence! I'm just listening to the same podcast by Keller and Clowney... I'm really enjoying it. There are many Keller "pearls" in this podcast which I have to write down (and then say they're my own ;-)))

PD: please, stop cheating my writers and preachers!

Skippy said...

Hi Rubèn,

great stuff aren't they? I've been listening to them while doing the washing up and cleaning the kitchin, so haven't made many notes. But this quote was so pithy and helpful that I dried my hands and dashed to write it up on my blog.