Thursday, January 01, 2009

Reading suggestions for 2009

Not from me:

Tim Chester with a "new flexible Bible reading plan designed with groups in mind" and

David Field with links to reading plans for the New Testament in Greek, Calvin's Institutes and "A reminder from the Audio Bible Page that it only takes around FIFTY FOUR HOURS to listen to the entire Bible being read out." - here

Justin Taylor with more reading plans and ten questions to ask at the start of the year (from Don Whitney)


Mark H said...

I've started listening to the ESV Bible in MP3 this year. Thought it would be an interesting change. Four chapters takes on average just over 10 minutes to listen to.

ps, your David Field links don't seem to be working properly.

Skippy said...

thanks Mark, have updated the links

Where did you get the ESV mp3s from?

happy new year

Mark H said...

I bought the Listeners Bible read by Max McLean from Amazon for aout £25. His accent is slightly odd but apart from that it is OK. I discovered recently that there is also a version you can download direct from the ESV publishers website read by someone called David Heath!

happy new year to you too