Thursday, May 24, 2007

John Owen on the importance of engaging the mind in the struggle against sin

Two quotes from Indwelling Sin chapter 9; worth chewing over.

The steadfastness of the minds abiding in their duty is the cause of all our unmovableness and fruitfulness in obedience;... For if the soul be safe, unless the mind be drawn off from its duty, the soundness and steadfastness of the mind is its great preservative. And there are three parts of this steadfastness of the mind: - First, a full purpose of cleaving to God in all things; secondly, A daily renovation and quickening of the heart unto a discharge of this purpose; thirdly, Resolutions against all the dalliances or parleys about negligences in that discharge.

there are some duties which, in their own nature and by God's appointment, have a peculiar influence into the weakening and subduing the whole law of sin in its very principles and chiefest strengths; and these the mind of a believer ought principally in his whole course to attend unto; and these doth sin in its deceit endeavor principally to draw off the mind from... Now, these duties are - first, Prayer, especially private prayer; and, secondly, Meditation.

For a brilliant book about fighting against sin that is much simpler than Owen, I highly recommend Kris Lungaard: The Enemy Within.

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