Thursday, February 07, 2013

Trust is not fatalism

Don Carson makes these interesting observations on 1 Kings 1 and David's response to the crisis with Adonijah.

"...the sovereignty of God works through the complicated efforts of his people. When David is informed of the problem, he does not throw his hands into the air and pray about the situation: he immediately orders that decisive, symbol-laden, and complex steps be taken to ensure that Solomon ascends the throne. Trust in God's sovereign goodness is never an excuse for inactivity or indolence. Long years of walking by faith have taught David that whatever else 'walking by faith' means, it does not warrant passivity. If we are to avoid acting in defiance of God, or in vain efforts to be independent of God, we must also avoid the pietism that is perenially in danger of collapsing trust into fatalism."

D.A.Carson For the Love of God vol.1, meditation on 1 Kings 1

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