Saturday, October 25, 2008

Personal Update

At the end of August, I, with my family, moved to Spain. We are now living in Terrassa, near Barcelona, and in mid-September I started work for Grupos Bíblicos Universitarios. It is similar to UCCF in the UK. I am an "asesor" (staffworker), and my role is to support, encourage, train, befriend, disciple, love etc... christian students as they seek to live for Jesus and speak for Jesus in their university contexts. It is a wonderful privilege! I will be working mostly in Barcelona, and possibly some other cities in Catalonia (I have visitied Girona once so far), and we have committed to being involved for 7 years. My wife will be involved in small ways, but she has her hands quite full with our two little children!

I am not quite sure what direction my blogging will take since this significant change; I would like to do more blogging in Spanish (particularly on biblical & theological topics) and I would also like to be able to blog about interesting aspects of living out here (that might be better in a different blog), as well as continuing with more theological reflections on things I've been reading etc. So my blogging over the next few months may be rather haphazard until it settles down with some clearer aims and focus.

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