Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do not relax!

This paragraph from Edwards speaks to me of the urgency and necessity of self-control and discipline - not just in relation to the specific sins that Edwards is discussing, but as an overall attitude of mind and heart as we walk through life.

Hence, then, what a watch and guard should Christians keep against envy, and malice, and every kind of bitterness of spirit towards their neighbours! For these things are the very reverse of the real essence of Christianity. And it behoves Christians, as they would not, by their practice, directly contradict their profession, to take heed to themselves in this matter. They should suppress the first beginnings of ill-will and bitterness and envy; watch strictly against all occasions of such a spirit; strive and fight to the utmost against such a temper as tends that way; and avoid, as much as possible, all temptations that may lead to it. A Christian should at all times keep a strong guard against everything that tends to overthrow or corrupt or undermine a spirit of love...
Jonathan Edwards, Charity and Its Fruits p.23

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