Friday, August 18, 2006

Books that have influenced me: Part 1

Please see my introductory remarks here.

NB This initial list is of books that I actually own. They have been significant in one way or another over the years. I have not read all of them from cover to cover! And the fact that a books is on this list doesn't mean I necessarily endorse everything in it now (although I generally do!)

Aay, Henk & Griffioen, Sander Geography and Worldview
Barnett, Paul Jesus and the Logic of History
Blocher, Henri Evil and the Cross
Brown, E. Stuart Why Spain?
Carson, Don A Call to Spiritual Reformation
Carson, Don Basics for Believers
Carson, Don Exegetical Fallacies
Carson, Don The Cross and Christian Ministry
Carson, Don The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God
Carson, Don The Gagging of God
Clements, Roy Practising Faith in a Pagan World
Dever, Mark The Deliberate Church
Fee, Gordon & Stuart, Douglas How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth
Frame, John Evangelical Reunion
Frame, John The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God
Goldingay, John God’s Prophet, God’s Servant
Goldsworthy, Graeme Gospel and Kingdom
Goldsworthy, Graeme The Gospel in Revelation
Grogan, Geoffrey 2 Corinthians
Grudem, Wayne Business for the Glory of God
Grudem, Wayne Systematic Theology
Guiness, Os The Gravedigger File
Hendriksen, William More than Conquerors
Jones, Merv The Universe Upstairs
Lewis, C.S. The Chronicles of Narnia
Livingstone, David Putting Science in its Place
Livingstone, David The Geographical Tradition
Lloyd-Jones, Martyn Preachers and Preaching
Lloyd-Jones, Martyn Spiritual Depression
Lloyd-Jones, Martyn The Sermon on the Mount
Lyon, David Karl Marx: A Christian Appreciation of His Life and Thought
Machen, Gresham God Transcendent
Murray, Iain Pentecost Today
Murray, Iain Revival and Revivalism
Packer, J.I. A Quest for Godliness
Piper, John Brothers, We are not Professionals
Piper, John Contending for our All
Piper, John Desiring God
Piper, John Tested by Fire
Piper, John The Godward Life
Piper, John The Nations be Glad
Piper, John The Supremacy of God in Preaching
Reymond, Robert Paul: Missionary Theologian
Ridderbos, Herman Redemptive History and the New Testament Scriptures
Schreiner and Caneday The Race Set Before Us
Scripture Union and C.S.S.M. Hymns of Faith (specifically, John Newton’s hymns)
Sire, James Discipleship of the Mind
Spurgeon, C.H. Un Ministerio Ideal: El Pastor – Su Mensaje (not sure what the original is)
Stott, John Segunda Epistola a Timoteo (commentary on 2 Timothy)
Stott, John The Cross of Christ
Stott, John The Message of Galatians
Van Til, Cornelius The Defence of the Faith
Wells, David God in the Wasteland
White, John Excellence in Leadership
Wolters, Al Creation Regained

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